RallyCross Update

Rallycross Update:
Overall the last years rallycross has become arguably the most popular genre of RallySport in
Ontario, with four RSO clubs hosting regular events. It was announced for 2023 there is an
Ontario Rallycross Championship as an overlay of all RSO club championship events. In this
inaugural year of the ORXC scores will be track across classes; 4 Wheel-Drive Natural
Aspirated (4wdN), 2 Wheel-Drive(2wd) and 4 Wheel-Drive Forced Induction(4wdF).

In the first 3rd of the year the weather allowed Motorsports Club of Ottawa(MCO) to hold 5 of
their 6 planned winter championship events. Across the 5 events the entry lists averaged about
20 drivers but of those drivers only a small handful registered to be eligible for the ORXC. With
13 championship events still left on the rallycross calendar, 5 from PMSC, 5 from KWRC and 3
from MLRC, there are still ample chances for drivers to enter and score championship points.
With entrants best 5 scores counting and no more than 2 counting from any one club, it is still
anyone’s game. To be eligible for the ORXC, drivers must register for the championship and be
a member of an RSO club.