What do I need for Rally Sprint?


Really? Really? You have not read the CARS rules yet (esp. pp 88 – 91)?
Here is some of the stuff, but go to the rules
Since the roads will be closed to public you will need:


Driver’s licence for the driver(s)
You can both drive a portion of any rally sprint. You might be a driver for, say, 2 special stages and then flip your roles with your co-driver. Just don’t do it in the middle of a special stage. 🙂

  1. for any participant (driver or co-driver) under the age of majority of the province, a written permission signed by a parent or guardian
  2. rally sprint competition licences, issued by the CARS region, for both driver and co-driver are required, or regional or national CARS licences also accepted.
    (This is usually $10 for the rally sprint licence)
  3. you will also sign an insurance waiver at the rally sprint
  1. vehicles must be based on a production, closed body and chassis to compete.
  2. vehicles with forced induction engines must meet the requirements of 12.6.3 Turbocharger/Supercharger restrictions.
  3. all competing vehicles must be roadworthy and the following items, in particular, must be adequate and functioning properly: all brakes, horn, windshield wipers, all legally required exterior lights, tires and exhaust system.
  4. fuel, fuel tanks & lines must comply with 12.3.11 (of the CARS rule book)
  5. all competing vehicles must have towing eyes as per 12.3.13.
  6. vehicles must comply with noise limits as outlined in 12.4.4.
  7. all loose items in the vehicle must be fastened securely during the event (including items in the trunk).
  8. mechanical condition and safety of the vehicle is the responsibility of the competitor.

(So, go to the CARS rule book and read 12.6.3, 12.3.11, 12.3.13, 12.4.4 and whatever else you find useful or sleep inducing or whatever…)

  1. helmets meeting 11.1.6 or meeting the Snell SA 2000 standard must be worn by all drivers and co-drivers. Helmets must be in good condition, with no visible defects or damage.
    (Hey you might need some intercom there in the helmet too. That is if you want to know what is coming…)
  2. each competitor must wear a frontal head restraint system (FHR), as outlined in CARS 11.1.7.
  3. a minimum of five point safety harnesses for driver and co-driver are required. There will be no expiry date restriction. Harnesses must be in good condition with no visible defects.
  4. seats must be fixed back, one-piece FIA approved racing seats. There will be no expiry date restriction. Seats must be in good condition with no visible defects.
  5. driving suits conforming to 11.1.8 are recommended. (Have you ever seen a burning car? If you do not want to have the fireproof suit, let me tell you that it burns very, very fast)
    (..continue reading the CARS rule book..)
  1. fire extinguishers conforming to 12.3.4
  2. first Aid kit conforming to 12.3.5.
  3. warning devices/Safety Triangles conforming with 12.3.6 (note placement within vehicle)
  4. towrope conforming to 12.3.16 (note all parts of tow rope must be within the competition vehicle at all times while not in use.)
    (…and

All vehicles must be fitted with a roll cage (do not forget roll cage padding as per See our previous post
(…but read on, yep, in the CARS rule book)

Now, what else? Oh, yes, go to the rule book as the above might not be complete? 🙂