Rally Cross

For 2024 we expect three clubs to be organizing events, KWRC, MLRC & PMSC. We have the dates below. MCO only runs winter events but wasn’t able to put any on in the winter of 2024.

There is also a province wide championship spanning the three clubs. It’s an overlay championship, meaning we just extract the scores from individual events. You can count your best five events with no more than two from any one club counting. There is no fee to enter the championship, just fill this simple google form.

Championship rules are posted here. (Updated April 15 to include permanent car numbers) Note you only accumulate points after you register for the championship.

The list of requested permanent car numbers is here. To request a permanent number email rallyx@pmsc.on.ca

Also note that Free Flow near Belleville will host an invitational event on July 27 offering prize money. More details are here.

RallyCross Dates for 2024
RSO Championship Eligible
1Saturday, May 18, 2024KWRCKWRC RallyCross #1Yes
2Saturday, May 25, 2024PMSCPMSC RallyCross #1Cancelled
3Saturday, June 15, 2024PMSCPMSC RallyCross #2Yes
4Sunday, June 16, 2024MLRCMLRC RallyCross #1Yes
5Saturday, June 22, 2024KWRCKWRC RallyCross #2Yes
6Saturday, July 13, 2024PMSCPMSC RallyCross #3Yes
7Saturday, July 20, 2024KWRCKWRC RallyCross #3Yes
8Saturday, July 27, 2024PMSCFree Flow InvitationalYes
9Saturday, August 17, 2024PMSCFree Flow Invitational Rain DateYes
10Saturday, August 24, 2024KWRCKWRC RallyCross #4Yes
11Saturday, September 14, 2024PMSCPMSC RallyCross #5Yes
12Sunday, September 15, 2024MLRCMLRC RallyCross #2Yes
13Saturday, September 21, 2024KWRCKWRC RallyCross #5Yes
14Saturday, September 28, 2024PMSCPMSC RallyCross #5 Rain DateYes

Rally cross, also commonly referred to as “RX”, is an entry level form of performance rally but without a navigator. Events take place on short courses and pretty much any type of car can enter. No special safety systems are required other than a helmet that meets the CARS regulations (the rally cross regs are available in the CARS Rule Book on their website).

There are four clubs in Ontario that are currently offering rally cross events.  Please visit their websites for information about their events and supplemental regulations they may have.

Kitchener-Waterloo Rally Club – KWRC
Maple Leaf Rally Club – MLRC TBA
Motorsport Club of Ottawa – MCO TBA
Peterborough Motor Sports Club – PMSC
Free Flow Invitational July 27, rain date Aug. 17 (PMSC)