April 2020 Update

Hello everybody
If you don’t know me, I’m Martin Loveridge and I was appointed as President of RSO in late March. I’ve been involved in rally for a number of years.

We’re working under some strange conditions these days and rally is in a quiet period. That’s as it should be, it’s more important to look after yourself, your family and your friends until we return to some semblance of normal.

Many events have been cancelled or postponed and there are a couple of new ones popping up.

The RSO AGM was postponed and now we plan to hold a virtual meeting on Saturday May 2 at 4:00PM. We moved the date back to give us time to test out the conferencing system and make the adjustments to the procedures for voting. If you hold proxies for the meeting you should forward a list of them to Kelly as soon as possible and definitely before May 1 at 5:00PM. Also, it would be helpful if you let Kelly know if you plan to attend the meeting online so she can keep track of how many voters we have. kellymrally@gmail.com

The agenda, directors reports and other documents are posted at https://rallysport.on.ca/rso/agm/

Another topic that has been percolating along is the demise of ASN Canada and what to do about events and insurance. If your club gets its insurance through CARS then everything is in place and you probably have your directors and officers’ liability insurance certificate. One change is that navigational rallies are covered under this policy so clubs don’t have to buy separate insurance for them. Clubs do need apply for separate insurance for rallycross, rallysprint and performance rally. Cars still need to know what events are being put on so you need to get your permits approved by Warren, Ontario representative on the CARS board.

One thing to note is that the waiver and other forms are new and clubs need to use the ones posted at https://carsrally.ca/documents/insurance/

If you need a fix of navigational rally Louis is running a tabletop event instead of Spring Runoff.
“A fun tabletop exercise to be conducted in the comfort of your own home on a supplied map. Can be done in pairs or individually, 2 levels of instructions: Novice & Expert.
Registration is open now. Please email your interest in competing prior to April 18. Contact Louis Cabardos l.cabardos@nexicom.net, 905-376-0591″

At RSO we’ll do our best to keep a calendar up to date as events move or are cancelled.